Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm Back......

Where have I been? Kind of in the land of the lost. After my last post I thought I was ready to get back to training and racing my bike. Little did I know that events would come and go to conspire to keep me off my bike. Now as we approach April 1 I have hope that its time to get going. Of course,monday it looks like a rain/snow mix so who knows. I guess racing for 12 months took more of a toll on me than I thought so I'm in no rush to to train/ race.

Since I'm doing the solo dad thing this weekend I'll probably watch the Tour of Flanders tomorrow morning before church.

Colton is having a killer spring for the Think!Finance Trek Stores team with a couple of wins.

Did a family ski trip to Steamboat for Spring Break. Fresh snow everyday was awesome

In early March we went to the Supercross race in St.Louis. First time for the family and they loved it 

Of course the big story for March was the weather, cold, snow, and rain all month long. I guess if I was in a different frame of mind I would of gotten out on the bike but that's not where I am. Maybe April will be different. At least the Tue Crit is starting up and that's a good place to start.