Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's been a while....I've been busy!

Ok .....I've been busy but not too busy to get some new toys! Had to post some pictures of my new TT and MTB bikes. I'm pretty excited to ride a full suspension MTB but as much as it's been raining it won't be any time soon.
Red and white, that's my colors!
Can't forget about the Lemond road bike.
I must be getting old, I'm really looking forward sitting down more now that I've got some suspension in the rear.

The new computer desk. It's good to get the computer out of the basement now that the kids are on it more and more.
The construction is done. Now it's Nancy's turn to put everything back in it's place.
Love the floor!
My new place to work. Now I don't have any reason to go in the basement. Look at how clean the desk is, that won't last long!


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