Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Crit

So another Tuesday nit crit is in the books. Beautiful weather greeted us for the first time this year. I was a little leery of how I would feel due to the fact that I finally found out why I was struggling with my fitness. More on that later.
The race started off with a few guys attacking and then getting brought back. After a while that pack slowed going into the hill after bringing back a attack
so I punched it with Joe and Cam on my wheel. I took 2 long hard pulls to help get us away but unfortunately I couldn't recover and mentally blew. Cam and Joe were way out there and just waited for Shadd to shake loose from the field and join them. Once that was done deal the pack just waited for the field sprint. I ended up 3rd in the field sprint, 6th overall. Not too shabby for being one sick dog.

Had to try and get a picture of Cam with his TREK KC Jersey and the Fisher 29'er crew shorts. He's got one foot in the dirt and one on the road. He's having so much fun on the road I think we've turned turned him to the dark side.

Here's my listen to your body story. I've been having trouble recovering from rides/races for the last 2 months. During this time I've felt like crap at times, had headaches, and felt hot/cold on and off. So I finally found that I have a infection in a tooth that had a root canal done 2 months ago. Looks like the infection never went away and I've been fighting it ever since. After a weekend on painkillers and some antibiotics the pain is much better. Now I've got to go get another root canal to clean out that tooth and then hope that 2 weeks on antibiotics takes care of the infection.
Moral of the story..........listen to your body, if you wait to get help it will take twice as long to get well when you do.

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