Thursday, April 17, 2008

You can tell you're old when............

So last night after the Wednesday Hill ride Jay and I get back to the shop and are discussing how we both have pain in one side of our lower back/hip area. We're in the mechanics area and after we finish our self diagnosis Cam chips in with " Is that how I'm gonna feel when I get old?". Now I know I'm old but Jay is still in self denial about his age. I guess when I look at Cam at the age of 27 I do have 21 years on him so I probably do look a bit old to him. Of course if I'd quit complaining about all my aches a pains I probably wouldn't seem so old.

Speaking of age, I wonder how many Masters riders refer to their age as their actual age or their racing age. If you ask me I'll usually tell you my racing age. It probably stems from the thought of moving to the next age group. Everybody wants to be the young guy in the age group. Heck, 1 more year and I'll hit the 50+ group at Cross Nationals. Now if that's not a good reason to keep on racing I don't know what is.

So the bottom line is this, "You can grow old but you can be immature forever",
you gotta love bike racers!


Anonymous said...

for an old guy, you sure can rip my legs off!

TP said...

I'm just trying to scare Cam and slow him down!