Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday KC Crit

Here we go again....It's the Tuesday KC Crit. Pretty good turnout again tonight and it was looking like it was going to be a fast one. Talk before the race had many of the players complaining of sore legs from the last two weeks of racing in Arkansas. Others we getting ready for Quad Cities this coming weekend and wanted to take it easy. does a guy who hasn't and isn't going to do any of those races going to play it tonight? I still have sore legs from the MTB race so I planned to sit in for a while. Seems like quite a few other guys had the same plan as the first few laps were pretty easy. Then the fireworks began with people taking flyers, getting caught, then a few others would give it a go. About 10 minutes in I look up to see Andy Chocha and Phil Gronniger off the front. That's two big motors so I jump up go up to them and find Brad Sullivan on my wheel. YaHoo...3 big motors and me off the front and increasing the gap. Bad news, Brad blows a few laps later and leaves me to try and hang on and take my pulls. A few laps later Andy is gone and it's just Phil and I.
But Phil's not giving up so I try to help out and pull as much as I can. He's killing me up the hill and it's all I can do to stay with him and then pull through over the top. Just when I think I'm toast I hear, "I'm back and I brought some help".
Sweet! It's Andy and he's go three more guys with him to take pulls. Now it's 6 guys and I can handle taking pulls much better with more rest. Soon it's 3 laps to go, Andy's gone, and the chess match begins. Phil attacks on the hill with 2 to go and it takes us to the bell to bring him back. I end up leading the group on the backside and nobody is going to come around me before the sprint. So I lead into the last corner when Joe comes blasting around me with Jeremy in tow. I can't quite match their jump and end up 3rd.

Fun night at the races when everbody has different agendas. You never know what's going to happen when people don't go with the norm.

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