Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend update

Now this is pretty cool, another American in the pink jersey 20 years after Andy Hampsten wore it. Not only is it cool because I've been following the Slipstream Team this year but I'm also a big Andy Hampsten Fan as well. Interesting that Hampsten's 7-Eleven team were huge underdogs just as the Slipstream teams is now, but also that Hampsten later quit racing when alternative methods to training made him less competitive. Now a clean Slipstream crew is back in the race and is looking for some good results. Seems like cycling is coming full circle. As for Slipstream's results, 1st in the TTT, not a bad way to start. Now the bad news is that Zabriskie is out of the Tour today with a fractured vertebra. Maybe the hospital will make him shave that mustache off.

As for me...........let's see.
Wed Hill Ride, another let's see if it's going to rain day. Nope, no rain so we rode with a significantly smaller group. That was good because I was gassed after the Tuesday crit so the slower, steadier, pace on the hills was welcome.
Thursday: A night off on the kid's practice schedule, hmmmm, I can't even remember if I rode on this day, must of been a good ride?
Friday: worked all day and then hustled home for a 6:15 Baseball game, you guessed it, no ride.
Saturday: I still can't believe that we only got rained out of one game. The first of four scheduled baseball/soccer/tee-ball games started at 10am, the last at 6:15. As we showed up for the last game of the day it started sprinkling, and by game time if was flat out raining. Yeaaaaaaaa, time to get cleaned up and head out for a little Mexican food and margarita's for Mother's Day. Oh yea, no ride again.
That brings us to today, Mothers Day. Hung out with the family, did a few projects on the honey-do list, and took Jonas to batting practice. Windy as hell out there so I opted to wait to try and get in a short ride later in the day. As I was chopping down a tree in the back yard I realized two things, the wind had really calmed down, and it was now too late to get in a ride. Oh well cross another chore off the list.

Now I think I'll go look at my Tour of Italy tape that I recorded off of Versus today. Got to get fired up to get back on the bike again.

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