Sunday, June 8, 2008

Landahl MTB

Sunday morning came early as I made my Scott and Liz leave in time to be at Landahl by 9:30am. We ended up getting a awesome parking spot and also got to do a few laps of the course. That's what I wanted to do so I could get used to the 29'er. The bike is awesome and I felt at home right away. The bike is snappy in the turns and even with the big wheels accelerates well out of the turns.
Course conditions were great and race time was nearing. Liz wore her pink shorts to make sure the boys knew who they were racing. Sully was ready to rip as well. I started on the front row but got a poor start and ended up somewhere in the top 10 going into the singletrack. That's where things get a little fuzzy. The fast guys are off and running, then there's me, and I have no idea what's behind me. Soon I see Kent on the side of the trail fixing a flat. By the 2nd lap I'm starting to cramp but holding my own but by the third lap I'm in damage control mode and just trying to finish. About then I move over and the Kent McNeil train comes through with 2 other riders on his wheel. Now it's lap 4 and Sully is catching me I just move over and let him go.
In the end Liz ended up 2nd in the women's race. I ended up 2nd in the 45+ race and 8th overall. Not too bad at all. The competition was tough and conditions were as well.
Am I a geek or what! The only guy to stick a team jersey on for the podium shot.
So you know you had a bad day when your bike ends up here! Scott crashed out today but we took his bike home with us. He's ok and his bike will be fine, this one, not so much.


Lis Heal said...

Glad you always manage to catch those great shots of me on the podium...what's wrong with me?

Lis Heal said...

Oh- and what's up with you not putting a link to my blog on your page? I'm your freaking teammate!

buconine said...

hmmm, i remember this guy about a year ago telling me he didn't get us 29er guys...

Great job on the raceand congrats on the new ride! That is really impressive first time on a totally new style of bike. Next time you make it to Omaha, i'll try out the "b" bike.

Davey B said...

Hey, I'm glad to see that your first ride went a little more smooth than mine!

Nice job,
Dave Breslin

btw, I think the jersey on the podium is a good thing!

MOD said...

Nice racing Tom. I'm stoked you're flying the colors with Liz and I. I better step it up next time and get on the POD.

TP said...

So you don't like my photo journalism skills? Just remember I usually don't have my glasses on so I'm never quite sure what kind of picture I'm going to take. I even put a link up to your blog, my bad. Guys...thanks for the comments. I'm stoked to be racing the MTB again after a few years off. Looking forward to seeing everybody at the races!