Sunday, June 29, 2008

This week's update

It's been a busy week and frankly I was just too pooped to post after Tuesday. So here we go: In the first picture we he have Jonas's Championship winning team. As the youngest kid on the team he sometimes struggled but overall it was a good learning experience with an awesome coach. This was last weekend but I had to throw it in because I forgot last week.

Now on to this week.......Wednesday was the hill ride. Another good hill ride that was made tougher with an appearance by our own Chris "fuzzy" Hall. Sure would be nice to go uphill that fast and make it look so easy. Ah youth, I guess we need to work him harder at the shop. Saturday was Eli's last t-ball game. He had a great time playing and learned a bit about baseball even though he spent most of his time kicking the dirt and making dust. After that we had a pool party to attend so once again I spent my day before a race getting roasted in the sun.
That brings me to this pic. For the last two weeks the kids have had swim lessons every night. Thursday was the last night and the kids were pretty excited. Jonas is pretty excited to move on to the next level. Eli improved greatly but didn't pass. As you can see he didn't mind as long he still got the candy. I guess it just means more pool time for dad before we sign him up for more lessons.

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