Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday crit and more new posts

So here I sit, posting all of the last few days events as it's pouring down rain outside. It's been about a week since my last posty so tonight I got caught up. Four posts later I'm down to tonight's crit.

We started the crit and the roads were dry, but the storms were brewing all around us. Lightning and thunder was close but looked to heading away. So we got started and after a few laps Shadd, Joe, and another guy were just off the front. I jumped up to them and away we went. I never looked back as I was staring at the wheel in front of me so I don't know how quickly the gap grew. Soon the rain started and I freaked out. It's the first rainy crit since last years crash and $10,000 worth of surgery on my hand, I didn't want to go through that again. On top of that I 'm didn't want to slow the break in the corners so I started to tailgun the break until I got comfortable. Shadd and Joe were nice enough to let me hang on until later in the race when I felt good enough to start pulling. In the end they let me win, thanks guys!

Now we can only hope that we get better weather the rest of the week. The MTB race Landahl looks doubtful at this point. State Champs down south? or big bucks at Tour of Winghaven in St. Louis? Hmmm what to do?

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