Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tulsa Tough "The Races"

It's hard to believe that Tulsa was the first Crit that I've done this year. Friday, what a way to start, 100 guys and it's going to get dark, well at least it won't get dark until I'm done. So the race went OK for me, went for some primes but just missed, and then ran out of steam in the end. Overall not too bad of a race and ended up 12Th in the end. After the race we had a great time watching the PRO races IN THE DARK! YEA!!!!!
Saturday: After the storm the races restarted and all of the amature races were shortened to get things back on schedule. It didn't help me as my legs were dead and either off the front or hanging at the back. Then I had a brain fart and screwed up the laps at the end of the race. Ended up 24th, paid 15.....duh.
Sunday: No race for me. Some of the races were cancelled after the storm due to damages to the area and a downed power line. They did manage to run some of the races later in the day so we stuck around to see the Women's PRO and Men's 1-2.

Pictures: A rare one of me, the PRO women dropping down the hill, the break in the women's race, and the Men's 1-2 on the downhill.

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