Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's been a while - Grote Prijs Cross

It feels like it's been a while since my last post, in fact I can't even remember what I've been doing lately. Last week I did manage to get out for a few rides to see what's left of my summer fitness.

I think it's somewhere down there.......down that long, deep, dark tunnel.

Hopefully I'll find it sometime this spring or summer!

So what did I decide to do about my lack of fitness, why I'll just double up at today's cross race. I've done this in the past at this race with less than stellar results. Today I decided to be steady and try to finish both races. Since I goofed off and got to the race late I had just enough time to get to the line for the Masters race. The race sent pretty smooth, Andy and Steve were off and running while Dave and I had a fun battle for most of the race. In the end I placed 3rd, not too shabby.

Now wait 2 hours, don't warm up, and move on to the 1,2,3 race. Got a decent start, about mid pack, and after a few turns Shadd's leading when he goes down in a greasy corner. Chris has nowhere to go and goes over the top of Shadd. I'm moving up..... Two turns later Mark goes down and Tige goes over the top of him. Now I'm in second place behind Bill and I'm thinking I need to back off Bill wheel for the next few turns........

After the chaos sorted out Chris, Shadd, and Cam had a battle for most of the race, Adam and Bill were riding together, and Mark and I were going back and forth. Eventually Chris got away for the win, Cam had a great ride for 2nd, and Shadd motored in for 3rd. Bill jumped past Adam in a crowd pleasing move for 4th while I rolled in for 6th.
Super nice day for a cross race in January, not too much mud and temps in the 40's.
But now, it's over.............we say farewell to the cross season of 08. Just think the road season starts Feb. 28th!


Coach said...

Is that the storage tunnel where they do the 10K running race?

TP said...

Nope, that one's in Olathe, this one is near Bonner Springs. I think the one in Olathe is much nicer and is used for some type of storage. The one I took a picture of is much more like a mine. I really wanted to ride in there but the hole was just big enough for a small dump truck!