Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Days

After riding in shorts last week Saturday morning was a shocker. Sure, I knew it was going to snow, just not that much. Woke up and it was cold, the snow was blowing, and I just lost all motivation to ride. I really wanted to hit the woods on the mtb but I just didn't want to take the chance on the hidden rocks. I hate falling on rocks, hidden of not. So I'm hoping for something more like the pic below in the next week.

Instead of riding in the snow I went for a different type of workout......sledding!

I ran up and down this hill more times than I can remember. I tried a few times to ride the snowboard but the wifely one told me I should stop before I get hurt. I guess she knows me pretty well.......

Eli taking advantage of (hopefully) the last snow of the year!

Daylight savings next weekend, Tuesday crits start next week, TT next Thursday, races on the weekend, the season begins..........

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