Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waiting for the Big One at the Tuesday Crit

Big group in the A race last night, Chris figured about 60 riders or so. Not much wind and warm temps brought out riders of all abilities........and most of them were in the A race, YIKES!

Waiting for the "BIG ONE", as in NASCAR terms, the big crash. Tell all your friends to come out and watch, tell them it's bound to happen, everybody loves to see a crash. Maybe we can get a crowd on Tuesday nights, why worked for NASCAR.

Or maybe someone will finally decide to put limits on who can ride in the A race. Rumor has it the 5's are out starting next week but that's not enough, I'd pull the 4's as well. Then again it's not my call..........

Tuesday KC Crit Results:

  1. Brian Bradley
  2. Shadd Smith
  3. Joe Schmalz
  4. Adam Mills
  5. Andrew Coe

Overall Points as of 4/14/09

1. Shadd Smith 27
2. Brian Jensen 12
3. David Hejduk 7
4. Brian Bradley 7
5. Joe Schmalz 6
6. Adam Mills 5
7. Tom Price 4
8. Matt Ankeney 4
9. Nick Coil 4
10. Mark Cole 3
11. Phil Gronniger 3
12. Lyle Reynolds 2
13. Patrick Angell 1
14. Jeff Winkler 1
15. Bill Marshall 1
16. Jeremy Pych 1
17. Jason Knight 1
18. Andrew Coe 1


JB said...


at least your not cynical or anything. ;-)

agree that there is at least 20 in the A's that could BENEFIT themselves from racing in the B's. Racing in the B's is NOT a slap or a put down.

I think it would also help to allow A racers to double up and ride in the B's if they want to and then be able to help point out what to do.

like you said, not my call, but it is my "skin".


TP said...

I agree that the B race would be better for the guys that are just hanging on in the A race. It might help for overall fitness but does nothing for actual pack skills. Last week had a number of guys who were strong enough to swarm to the front when it slowed down and then freaked out when it got crowded in the corners. Move them to the B race and then move them up to the A's when they are killing the B's.

Oh well, it's an age old problem in training races. I guess I should just quit complaining and and just go harder on the front!

Adam Mills said...

I was definitely not 4th place on Tuesday. But I'll take the points! Woo hoo!

Mark Studnicki said...

After hanging around and watching part of the B race this past Tuesday, I think it would be great to allow guys (or gals) that did the A race to double up. The goal being that those A riders do the B race to help direct the flow and coach them a bit. Pack skills are not aquired if the B races always blow apart after one lap and everybodies on there own or in packs of 2 for the rest of the night. since I suck-ass in the A race anyway, i'd voluteer for this duty next week, but would like a few others to help fill some of those gaps in the wheels and help cover the entire field front to back with construtive instruction.

JB said...

@ Mark--

that is where I was going with my comment. If the B's had enough "fodder" learning could occur. You're right, after a few laps it splinters and then becomes a TT rather than a crit and no cornering skills can be applied. I will most likely be out there pacing AB with the other women.

Mark Studnicki said...

Cool JB. If we get a few other guys to help out, we can cover that group front to back. Even if it blows apart, we can collect riders into groups based on there ability and keep them going forward with other people and not backwards by themselves.