Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tues KC Crit

Nice night for a crit, Temps were up, NO RAIN, it was all good until someone told me about the metal plate in turn one. You know, the type that covers the huge holes in the road.This one happened to be in the middle of turn one! Turned out to be a non issue as people were pretty smart and kept it tight enough to stay away from the plate. It also helped that Brian took off on the first lap and it was time to chase all night long. That kept the group spread out for most of the race. As for me, looking forward to a VO2 Max/LT test Thursday so Coach told me to sit out after a few efforts to rest up for the test. More on my my views on Powermeters and coaching tomorrow. For now it's time for the results and a few Pic's.

Big group tonight, spread out over most of the back stretch.

Brian and Phil did this all night and came close to lapping the field.

Tuesday KC Crit:
  1. Brian Jensen
  2. Phil Gronniger
  3. Shadd Smith
  4. Chris Hall
  5. Doug Plummer

Overall Points as of 5/19/09

  1. Shadd Smith 50
  2. David Hedjuk 18
  3. Brian Jensen 17
  4. Brian Bradley 15
  5. Phil Gronniger 11
  6. Joe Schmalz 7
  7. Mark Cole 6
  8. Tom Price 6
  9. Adam Mills 5
  10. Matt Ankeny 4
  11. Nick Coil 4
  12. Jason Knight 3
  13. Lawrence Simonsen 3
  14. Adam Miller 3
  15. Chris Hall 2
  16. Bill Marshall 2
  17. Lyle Reynolds 2
  18. John Seiczkowski 1
  19. Pat Angell 1
  20. Jeff Winkler 1
  21. Jeremy Pych 1
  22. Andrew Coe 1
  23. Paul Fancher 1
  24. Doug Plummer 1
I was told tonight that I've been a lazy blogger, only 1 post in 6 days? What can I say........I've been busy! Too much soccer, baseball, home projects, ect........ and then there was this.

Thankfully these are not our cars but it was close. This picture is right in front of our house. Mathgeek(wife) was coming home with dinner and was stopped at the stop sign. The kid in the car decided that the intersection was a 4 way stop(it's not) and got t-boned by the truck.Mathgeek saw the whole thing play out in slow motion and then saw the wreck slide closer and closer to our car.........stopping 2 feet from the front of our car. phew. Got to say Hi to Justin as he rode by on 99th while I was out with the neighbors helping the crash victims.

Soccer is over, Baseball for a few more weeks and then it's time to ride the bike!

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