Monday, August 17, 2009

MTB + mountains = FUN!

So many little time! It took around an hour climb up to mid mountain and then you can climb a little higher to get to the prime singletrack or go up another hour and climb to the top of the mountain. Then it was a 30-45 min ripping decent to the bottom. Ton's of fun!!!

Last time I was here this corner was fast but a little dicey, if you overshot the turn it was a long way down. Now they built this giant berm and made it ridiculously fast. There were a few of these on the lower part of the mountain.

Yep, that temp is for real. Sunday morning as we were heading for home. 34 was the temp in Steamboat, at the top of Rabbit Ears pass it was 26 degrees. Yikes!
Talk about cross weather. I got my taste of the cold weather on Saturdays ride. It started sprinkling on the climb up the mountain. No big deal, just a afternoon mountain shower, it will pass soon. So I kept climbing, up past mid mountain it began to get a little dicey, the wind changed and as I looked across the valley it was not good, I'm above 9,000ft and it's getting really dark, and it's starting to pour down rain. Time to bail, I start to head for the bottom when the cold front blows in, now I'm soaking wet, descending a mountain , and the air temp is about 30 degrees. Made it to bottom OK but it was tough with wet, frozen hands. Once I got to the condo I was treated to one of those post ride showers you take in the middle of the winter, you know, where your hands and feet sting because they were so cold. Brrrrrrr, took a few hours for my hands to finally warm back up.

Friday I chose something a bit less challenging. Curly and I were ripping it up before he bounced me off. After we were done and the rest of the crew got done ripping up the Alpine Slide I went for a ride down in town on Emerald Mountain. Pretty sweet low altitude trails. I'll have to go back next time I'm in Steamboat for more exploring.

No trip would be complete without a fishing expedition to Dumont Lake. Didn't catch anything but it was nice to be out with the boys where the loudest thing you hear is the sound of Curly's voice.

Stopped off in Denver to pick up a Honda Odessey Van that was Mathgeeks fathers. We are going to keep the van as part of the estate settlement but her brother drove it out to Denver first with some of the things he wanted to keep. Problem is........while it was parked in Denver they had a hailstorm. Not just a small storm, no, more of the epic variety, the poor van now has more dimples in it than a golf ball. Oh well, at least it was insured.
We saw the above sculpture near a coffee shop in Denver, much needed coffee for the rest of the drive home.
So we got back last night around 8:30, and today school starts. Where has the summer gone?

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