Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Tue KC Crit of the year, Final points

and so ends another season of Tuesday night Crits. Thanks go out to Chris and Kerry Hess(hope I spelled it right) for organizing the event. Large groups of riders showed up on a weekly basis keeping the races hard and fast, just what a training crit needs to be. It's was good to see some new faces and even some of the old guard challenging for those points paying positions.

Tonight's race still had a good turnout for the last training crit of the year. Bill did his traditional attack on the neutral lap and it took a good 20 minutes to pull his group back. After that there were attacks that never really seemed to go anywhere until 5 to go when Phil G. attacked hard with a teammate. It was beginning to look like they were going to make it to the finish until Joe and Adam from Mercy/Source E took some hard pulls to bring them back. In the end it was a field sprint where I ended up 6th. Nearly scored some points but it was not to be.

Next up, a 10k TT on Thursday to open up the legs and then Gateway Cup opens up on Friday night.

Tonight's Finishing Order

  1. Shadd Smith
  2. Dave Hedjuk
  3. Jason Knight
  4. Mark Cole
  5. Doug Plumer
Total Points after final race

Shadd Smith 97
David Hejduk 40
Phil Gronniger 27
Mark Cole 25
Brian Jensen 24
Brian Bradley 20
Tom Price 17
Chris Hall 15
Joe Schmalz 13
Bill Marshall 12
Adam Mills 10
Adam Miller 7
Jason Knight 7
Paul Fancher 6
Nick Coil 6
Stefan Rothe 5
Matt Ankeney 4
Lawrence Simonson 3
Steve Songer 3
John Sieczkowski 3
Phil Mann 3
Lyle Reynolds 2
Marlin ? 2
Andy Lucas 2
John Pahlman 2
Doug Plummer 2
Jeff Winkler 1
Patrick Angell 1
Jeremy Pych 1
Andrew Coe 1

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