Sunday, October 25, 2009

USGP Louisville, Day 1

We arrived in Louisville Friday night after driving through rain most of the day. Reports from guys all ready at the course reported muddy conditions. Since we arrived too late to see the course I was a bit nervous about what we would see Saturday morning. Overall the course wasn't as bad as it could of been. There were a number of mud bogs but most were short. The problem would be that the rest of the course was super soft and would just suck the power out of your legs. The day started out for us with Alex in the 2/3 race. Starting near the back he would fight his way to a 8th place finish, easily the ride of the day. Chris and I were next in the Juniors/Masters race. Chris had a battle on his hands the whole race and finished 3rd. I started in the last row and managed to work up to 12th. The Elite/U23 race was next, all of our guys rode hard with Joe finishing 3rd in the U23 race and 20th overall. Brad was 43rd, Logan, 46th, and Bill was 52nd. The sun was out by the end of the day and with a little bit of wind the course was drying quickly. With a little luck the course may dry up in time for today's race.

Hope to have more updates during the day today. Should be a little bit more relaxed with less mud.

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