Monday, November 30, 2009

Jingle Cross 2009

Made the trip to Iowa City for the 3 days of Jingle Cross last weekend. I was a little worried about the night race on Friday just because of the races history of mud and cold temps. Luckily we arrived Friday with warm temps and a reasonable amount of mud. I was one of the first races to go off so the course wasn't too chewed up for me, but later in the night the ground turned to peanut butter in many places. That's when the rear derailleur's started popping, the theory was that the pea gravel was getting picked up by the muddy tires and then jamming the chain in the der. I heard there 10+ broken ders in the 2-3 race alone. The KCCX crew were lucky to have Bill in the pits to take bike changes. Clean bikes every lap or so kept the gravel where it should be and we had no mechanical issues.

Alex on the monster run up, another stellar weekend!

The monster run up from Saturday. The picture only shows half of it and it's so muddy you sunk in over your ankles.

What goes up must come down. The lower section of Saturdays decent. We had to run/ride up this Friday and Sunday.

D2 in the barriers before another slip& slide area.

Heading for the top of Mt. Krumpit, it was a long, long, run Friday night.
Today was about as crazy as it gets. Got home late last night, and had today to get ready to head west tomorrow. Have to say thanks to Matt and Troy for getting the Sprinter and Trailer to the drop off point tonight. Your turnaround time was shorter than mine.
Look for updates from the road as the final cross push begins for the KCCX crew.

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