Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lincoln Cross Weekend Recap

As usual the Lincoln Cross weekend was a blast! It's great to see the Lincoln cycling community come together to support a race both on and off the bike. Troy K was the organizer and a big THANK YOU goes out to him for making it happen. Got to town Friday afternoon to find the crew over halfway done setting up the course. We hopped on it and got the rest done by 2pm. Plenty of time to pre-ride and work out the kinks.

Saturday came and the crew arrived early to set up the tents and make a final course check. I decided do the masters 40+ race this week and get some data for coach Adam by using my PowerTap wheels. After a decent start I got into the lead only to somehow crash going over the barriers. Not a bad crash but it did tear up the scar tissue on my knee that was left over from the Gateway Cup crash. It didn't hurt that much but I think I was more bummed that it was torn up again. I should buy stock in Band-Aids. I had to put out quite an effort to catch Steve S. and an even harder effort to get away from him. After that the gap seemed to stay the same for the rest of the race. I ended up winning with Steve S. 2nd and Andy L. 3rd.

Right after the race a rider from KC came up to me needing some work on his bike. Nate and I both attacked his bike but it ended up being a shifter issue. We decided that he should ride my spare bike in his race. Not an easy feat, different bike, SRAM instead of Shimano, but he did well, I believe he was 5th in his race, Well done Ty!

Sunday I had a day off from racing so I worked on the course and got to hang out with the kids. Pinky had a great time riding the course but decided that he needed a bit more practice before he tries racing.

KB and I decided that his son was all most the same size as I am and, at 14 can fit on my bike with no adjustments. So we put him on my spare bike for the Jr's race. Just like Ty on Saturday Noah had about 10 minutes to get used to the bike. Imagine going from a MTB to a cross bike with SRAM shifters and Challenge tubies. The end result, 5th overall in the 4's race and 1st Junior. Pretty impressive ride for the new State Champion.

What a weekend, great weather, a good, rowdy crowd on Hooligan Hill, and the most riders ever, gotta love the Lincoln Cross Weekend!

I have some video to post once I figure out how to move it from my camera. For now you will just have to look at the photos here.

Couple of weekends of cross left. Jingle Cross, Portland USGP, and Nationals. The push
is on!

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