Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Note From Curtis Martell

As many of you know it's been a uphill battle to get racing back into Clinton State Park and last week Curtis got us back in there for a awesome cross race. Now due to the actions of some folks, racing in the park could again be in jeapordy. Maybe it wasn't someone from the race, maybe it was someone who was used to rolling through the unmanned gate and not paying, we will never know. Just think before you speak. The lady collecting the money doesn't set the policy, she just collects the cash.

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I received the following email from the Park Director at Clinton Lake State Park:


I just talked to the lady working the entrance station Sunday morning. I noted on your race flier that you informed the registrants that they would have to purchase a motor vehicle permit. Apparently a lot of them didn't read it.....because a lot of them gave her enough grief about it that she was still in tears this morning.

I know you aren't responsible for the attitude or conduct of every participant.....but I thought you may want to add a little after race comment concerning the matter to your web-site. You might want to let your patrons know this is the kind of stuff that's at the top of the list in my making a decision whether or not to allow subsequent events. I felt like I made a good faith effort in supporting the endeavor by allowing the group to use a "closed campground" for the event. I felt like the lady whom worked the booth gave of herself.....working an extra shift to accommodate your patrons and was soundly abused for her efforts.

Enough said.

Curtis Martell
Free State Racing Team


JB said...

unfortunate that a few a55hats feel the need to be rude for something so simple. i was discussing this at lunch yesterday and it just baffled me...just pay the few$ and keep your mouth shut.

Mark Studnicki said...

WTF! Too bad we don't have a description of the vehicle(s).