Thursday, December 10, 2009

It was a lottery

30+ B's start......... So get this..... in the B races it wasn't line up by how you sign up, instead they used the last digit of your number and then randomly picked the number 1 - 0. So in the 40+ race Troy and I had the last digit of 5 and we sat there as they drew all of the other numbers. You got it, we were in the last row of 165 riders. Results are not up yet but I think Troy was in the top 30. As for me, after the start I had Bill in the pit telling me where I was and it went 60's, 30's, top 15, and all of the sudden I was top 5. About this time we were lapping riders like crazy and since I started so far back I had no idea who was actually leading. I got to the top 3 and immediately started crashing, 6 crashes or near crashes in one lap. I think I started to look for the leaders and lost my focus. After all the crashing I got focused again and caught the leaders only to get gapped off them by some lapped riders. So it ended with Bill thinking that I got 2nd but I was pretty sure there were 2 guys that got by me in my little crash fest. During Podium presentation I got called up for 2nd place but that may change to 3rd. Pretty pleased with how the legs felt today and hope they recover for Saturday's big race.

Tonight Brad and Alex arrived and Logan and Jeff arrive tomorrow. Tomorrow is pretty much
a off day for us, we only have Brad racing the singlespeed race and then I'll stick around for Troys race at 3:30.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I'm using Bill's computer during this trip so I can't download from my camera. I'll load up more from my phone tomorrow.

Off to bed.....


mathguy said...

Amazing ride in those conditions by you and Troy. Congratulations!

Coach said...

Yes! Good job guys!

chuong doan said...