Monday, December 21, 2009

My last Cross Nationals post

Yea, I'm having a hard time letting what happened at Nationals go. I found some video of the crash at the start but it's not clear enough to see what really happened. I'm pretty sure I got hit from behind and by the way I flipped off the bike it's pretty likely.

Here's video Masters 50-54 start crash and then video of the stairs on the first lap. If you wait long enough on the stairs video you can see me do my best Shadd Smith impression on the rider next to me.

The stairs video makes me feel better. I had no idea I was that far back. As Tilford said after the race,"you may not of won nationals but you won't forget that ride." He's right.

So now it's time to refocus, The United Federation of Dirt Race calendar is up and I'm sure the road calendar will come out soon. Check out for more details. If you race mountain bike this is going to be awesome.


mathguy said...

Well, now you know you're capable of winning the whole shebang. Great ride away!

buconine said...

Wow, the look on your face at the top of the stairs was wicked. Talk about a determined/pissed off look. To come that far up from that far back is amazing. You are a monster!