Sunday, December 27, 2009

Playing in the snow and Fuzzy...........

Mathgeek was hoping for a white Christmas and did she ever get one. I heard that Kansas City has not had a Christmas with measurable snow in over 50 years. Well, this will be one for the record books, 8-9 inches of snow on the ground and drifting. Oh well, the kids are loving it since they were too little to enjoy snows like this when we were in Cleveland.

Yesterday Bill brought the Thing1 and Thing2 over for some sledding action on the hill across the street from our house. Good times......sledding in the fresh snow and then walk across the street for some hot chocolate.

Now if there is snow it's only natural that we would have to build a jump. Pinky has been getting better on his snowboard and he's actually figured out how to land the jump. I guess I'll have to get him out to some bigger hills so he can get in longer rides. We went out again today and after a while he looks over at me and asks, "when can we go to Colorado?" Wonder how much a real snowboard is going to cost me?

Yesterday was Will's first time on the snowboard and he was a natural. First time on the board and he went down the hill without falling. The jump was a bit more challenging but the kid has no fear, none. We might have to take a trip to Weston and see how they do at Snowtrails little hills.

Now for something totally different.
I know being a college student is rough, and sometime you take what you can get, but Fuzzy, Schlitz malt liquor and Adkins diet bars do not go together! Must be a new recovery method after a 2 hr ride.

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