Thursday, March 25, 2010

Challenge Tires & misc stuff

New season, more tubies to glue. Got this batch earlier this week and finished them up today. More to do tomorrow and next week. As a mechanic I've got to say that I love these tires. The tires are really nice, tread patterns are great, base tape is straight, and you can get them on the rim without pre-stretching. This makes my life so much easier as it takes far less time to mount a nice tire versus some other brands. We saw this with the cross tires so it came as no surprise. Can't wait to ride the tubie version of the clinchers I rode at Tue Nite Worlds. The Forte clinchers look pretty close to a Vittoria CX and ride just as well. I've got some Criterium clinchers to try out on my other wheels. I'll update again after a few rides.

Playa, Playa, Playa del Carmen

Forgot I had this picture of KB on my computer. Nice to see her get her first win in for the season.
I want to go back to Mexico.
Tue Crit: Yea, I know it's the 2nd week of the season and no points are up. I tried to get results from the top 5 from Chris for the past 2 weeks and really had no luck. Looks like the points will have to start next week. Maybe I'll have Chris make an announcement that the top 5 finishers need to report to Chris after the finish. It's just too much work to do the weekly points update if the results are not complete and correct.
Did I mention that I want to go back to Mexico?
That K-State game wore me out! I'm going to bed.

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