Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rainy day blues

It's funny that you can go back a year from now and you would find a post about making a cake for a Cub Scout function. Last year our situation was much more dramatic but pretty amusing just the same, something about Mathgeek yelling"I'm not making a F#@**$ cake!" But, we pulled off a spaceship if I remember correctly. Last night we found out that we needed a cake for today's Scout meeting. Above you see the result of 30 minutes of frosting, a fitting tribute to our trip to Mexico. Not too shabby but something you might see on Cakewrecks.

No matter what I think about the cake Curley was happy and that's all that really matters. We did claim the Most Creative cake award, of course all the cakes got an award of some type.

Yea, that's Curly's Cub Scout Pack, just a group of sweet innocent boys,
never get into too much trouble...........really.

I was checking out Facebook the other night and saw some pictures and videos from the Tue Crit. I've been trying to take some pictures but have not had much luck, but thanks to Gina P. we have both. Check out this video of the Tue KC Crit. It's 2 to go and the leadout begins!

Hoping the rain stops so I don't have to clean the bike, if not I'm heading out anyway. At least coach has me on a rest week my riding schedule is pretty light. Wondering if I should race this weekend.......I'll see my coach tomorrow morning and find out how a road race fits in with my rest week.

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