Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm really tired of dealing with water

The Tour de Grove weekend went about like I figured it would. I didn't figure on the rain that we had to race in but that's part of the deal. On Saturday I raced the Pro 1/2 race since Shadd and I got such a late start and it was kind of nice. It rained hard during most of the race but the Pro's are smooth in the corners when it rains so I had no worries. The course was maybe a 2 mile rectangle, 2 long straights and 2, 1 block long straights. the turns may have been easy but it was full gas when you hit the straights. My main goal was to finish the race but after sprinting twice a lap for 50 minutes I got popped after getting a little slideways in a turn. The slide got me gapped going into the headwind straight and after chasing the whole straight I got back on...... just in time for them to hit the gas on the uphill side, and I was done.

Spent the whole race in this gear on Saturday.

Joe was flying all weekend. Hope it's a good lead in for Nature Valley this weekend.
On to the Tour de Grove, overall the design of the course was pretty good but, man, was it rough. Rode the 2/3 race this time and rode ok. The legs were way tired from the race the day before so after making several failed attempts to get away I made one last gasp effort to get the boys to the front before I blew. After that I just rolled in with the field. Pretty happy that I did the races as I needed the leg speed.

Got home around 11pm to some pretty heavy storms, but not much rain by time I got home. Got inside and settled down, sat down at the computer and said what's that sound.......Looked out the window to find water up to the window of the back door. To make a long story short we got the water in check pretty quick and kept most of it out of the house. While we were working on the family room we heard the water begin running down the basement stairs. Luckily it was a pretty direct shot to the floor drain so it only damaged a few walls.

The water was above the fence on both sides of the stream twice last night. I found the 2 missing sections of the fence downstream between storms.

Debris lining the fence.

Those posts were set 4 ft in to the ground in cement. Plenty of backwash debris in the corner.

Back to the old 1960's flooring we had covered up with a nice wood floor. Now the floors in the dumpster and the interior walls are soon to follow.

Plenty of room in the ol' dumpster. good thing, I have a lot to put in it.

Debris line all the way up by the driveway.

Tried to get a picture of the water running down the stairs after I pulled off the carpet.

Our method to suck up the water that got in. Too bad so much got in under the floor. By morning it started to buckle.
Right now we are in the process of gutting the basement and various other walls in the family room and basement stairwell. That dumpster is going to really full by time I'm done!
Time for bed, 1/2 hour sleep last night is catching up, I'm tired..........

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All I can say is DUDE!...MAN!...Feel for you brother.