Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busy Week

The house is dry and it was time for a decision on what to do to get it back to normal. Mathgeek and I decided to look at remodeling the room since we had it so torn apart all ready. What was I thinking............ So we got a bid to drywall the whole room, even the ceiling. Why the ceiling you might ask? Read on.....

Our ceiling had 6 decorative beams running across the room and we wanted to get rid of them. Our contractor buddy and the drywall contractor both said that the beams would come down if you "smacked them with a sledge hammer a few times". Uh sure, I can do that, but all along I was thinking that there had to be more holding them up there. Sure enough, more boards and nails than I want to think about. Ended up cutting them in to smaller pieces and then knocking them loose.

Now I need another dumpster for the rest of the trim, paneling, and beams.

So now we have a totally stripped family room that's ready for the drywall crew.

Still can't believe that they put the paneling on before the fireplace. The drywall guys are going to just cover it up instead of trying to take it down. Check out that ceiling, that's why we need to drywall that as well. Those beams left some pretty big holes.
So that's been my week in a nutshell. Good thing I had a rest week on the bike, pretty much did all my riding back and forth to work. So this week the drywall crew rolls in and hopefully we will be painting by next weekend. Good time to get back training before I have to think about laying a new floor down and finishing the room.

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