Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last week.........

Last week was the beginning of school for Pinky and Curly and they sure look happy. It made me happy that I don't have to start the car much anymore. I love it when I don't have to drive and can ride my bike to work every day.

Friday brought a pretty major storm through the area. I was out and about when it started and could barely see well enough to drive home. When I got home I found the the ditch full and starting to overflow. It only got up in the yard for a short time but it sure makes me nervous.

Saturday morning came and I got out for a ride with pro triathlete Chris Legh who was in town for the Jackson County Triathlon. More on Chris later but look at that picture above, that's a whole lot o'bikes. I heard 900 entrants and there had to be twice as many people out watching. It was crazy, there were people everywhere.

Woke up to fog for my 5:30am drive with Chris out to the venue with more fog over the lake. The fog actually got a bit thicker over the lake as the first waves of swimmers hit the water at 7:30am. Either bike racers are sissies or triathletes are nuts, not sure which, but arriving at the venue by 5am to get a good spot in the racks seems a little crazy to me. No wonder triathletes don't do events every weekend, they need to catch up on their sleep.

So this is Chris Legh, my job for the weekend was to hang out with Chris a bit, go for a ride, and provide transportation to the venue. When I found out I was doing this last week I had no idea who Chris was. I looked him up, found his bio, and figured he was just another pro. We went out with a few other people for dinner Friday night for a little meet and greet and then I did a little tune on his bike.
Saturday we met for a spin with some openers for him. Openers for him, pain for me is all I have to say about that. He is a really cool dude, we talked a lot about kids, schools, Colorado, and Australian politics, among other things. I love it when you're riding with a elite athlete and you would never know unless you try to go hard.
After the ride we rolled out to the venue so Chris could do some question & answer sessions with people at packet pickup. He thought he would do 2 15 min sessions because he thought people would want to keep moving. Little did he know people would end up surrounding him for 4 hours. He brought boxes of sponsor swag to give away and had a great time with everybody.
At one point I was talking to one of the guys and they mentioned that Chris was the guy in the Gatorade commercial. You know, the one where the guy falls and crawls across the line at the 1997 Ironman, then comes back to win it in 2004. Check it out here.
I ended the day with Pinkys first soccer game where they won 14-1. What a change from last year where they never won a game.
Sunday was race day and after helping with the event it was time to load Chris up, bring him back to town, and head for home. Spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house.
Tomorrow is Monday, time to start all over again.

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