Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy week but now it's off to the races!

Pinky decided that he wanted to go out to cross practice this week and I figured it was a good time to take a break. This week I've been super busy with work and the process of drying out all of the teams equipment so a ride was just what I needed.

It's kind of hard to read but I had to back up to get a true measurement.

Yep, that's the high water mark inside the trailer from last weekends flood. The bikes and all of our equipment was in there. After tearing all of the bikes down to the frames I was surprised to find that there was very little damage. In fact, I think we do more damage at mud races with the power washer.

One going back together and one coming apart. It was time consuming but better than having a mechanical at a race.
This weekend is the start of the USGP series. We head up to Madison WI for the weekend with cool temps and possibly some rain to make it interesting. I guess it really is cross season when you are thinking about bringing the cool weather gear for a race. I'm just bit nervous as I have no idea about where my form is going into the race and last weeks 2 lap race isn't much of an indication. We shall see, I'll update as the day goes on from my phone and fill it in later after the races. See Ya!

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