Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bend: Pre-Ride day

Loaded up the crew and headed for the course to pre-ride the course. What we found was a half marked course with quite a bit of heavy snow. We did a few laps and found the course pretty much the same as last year with the addition of a few longer straights.

Same stairs as last year but with the changes in the course they come really close to the finish this year.

The flyover is different than any other one that we have done this year. It is actually a ride over on both sides. Usually we have to run up on one side and ride down the other. This one is actually on a downhill slope and if it drys up it would be pretty easy to jump over the center portion and land on the downhill side. This is going to be pretty fun.

It warmed up this morning so we got out the power washer and cleaned up the Sprinter and trailer. As the day wore on the temps continued to rise and our rig got just a dirty all over again. At least we got a chance to drop the trailer later in the day at the venue. We scored a prime parking place right next to the course and it's going to be really nice.

Dean really went to extreme measures just to get a new robe today. He crashed pre-riding the course and ended up going to the hospital. Once the x-rays were done we found out that he had broken 3 ribs and had a broken shoulder. What a bummer!!!!!
Tomorrow is the first day of racing and it all starts with the B races. I signed up but I'm not sure if I'm up to doing it. It's definitely going to be a race time decision.

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