Thursday, December 2, 2010

Portland........we made it!

Forest Park, Portland OR Vertigo's back.......that's a bummer.

It's getting late so I'll give you the readers digest version of the days events. After a sweet visit to the Reynolds Factory we rolled out of Salt Lake City and headed into Oregon. Here we found snow packed roads and ice. We heard that there were 5000 trucks backed up on the pass due to the chain law being in effect. From what we saw going the other way I believe it. We continued on at a snails pace over the two passes that we needed to get over and then decided to rest. We got up at 2am and arrived in Portland at 7am. I rested and the rest of the guys goofed off. Bill went to the venue and worked with the 1-to-go guys for a while. Later in the afternoon we all rolled out for a ride at forest park and then a relaxing evening at casa Benjamin.

Unfortunately I woke from my nap with vertigo. I kind of felt it a bit on the drive so I wasn't too surprised, just really bummed. I went ahead and went for the ride hoping that it would get better. I'm thinking that all of the altitude changes going over the passes has screwed up my inner ear. It also makes me think that even though I'm still on antibiotics for the sinus issues it's not the cure for the sinus/vertigo/headache problems that I've been having for the last month. Seems like days before every USGP race some kind of health issue pops up and I end up hoping for a miracle. Looks like this weekend is going to be more of the same.

Tomorrow we head out to the course in the morning to get the trailer in it's spot and get our pit set up. Later in the day we are going to meet up with the Nebraska crew to give them their equipment and pre-ride the course. Portland had 10 inches of rain in the past week so that should be interesting.

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