Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making the move to Bend, OR

Today was pretty much a day off for the whole team. We were debating weather we should head for Bend and after talking to our hosts Kelly and Bill, we decide we should hit the road by late afternoon instead of Tuesday. But first things first. Kelly had a massage therapist coming over and Bill and Joe decided to have some work done as well. The rest of us decided to go for a spin once Bill was done with his massage. It was incredibly nice on Portland and we enjoyed a hour or so spin around downtown before heading back to the house. After a quick pack job we were off for Bend.

Rolling along the river just spinning along.

This bridge is super cool. It's a double decker where one direction of traffic goes on top, the other on the bottom.

The view going up today. It was really scenic until we got to higher elevations and everything was covered in snow. I wanted to take a few more pic's once we got over the pass but it got dark and foggy on the way down . Oh well, we made it safe and sound and now we are hanging out in Bend at our new digs. There is snow on the ground just like last year but the local weather guy is calling for warming trend for the next few days. Hope it's true because he also talked about rain.

Tomorrow we are heading out to check out both the TT course and the race course and then pick up our numbers. Time to start prepping bikes as the racing starts Wednesday.

I'll have pictures of the courses tomorrow as the courses are set and we can train on them.

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