Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm weather and Worlds

 This weekend the World Cyclocross Championships were held in Germany. The USA had a pretty good crew there for the races with hopes for metals and top 10's. Cody and Zach were both in the U-23 race and did pretty good.
 Course conditions for the Juniors and U-23 races were pretty dicy at best. They shaved down the ruts but made a frozen/muddy skating rink. It was a pretty interesting race to watch and I felt for the Jr's as they all crashed over and over. I think the winner fell 3 or 4 times and still won.
I was up early both days to watch the live streaming coverage on the computer. Made for some early days as the coverage started at 4am our time. At least there is a pretty long break between the races and I got a few hours sleep. I can't wait for Cyclocross Worlds to come to the United States in 2012.  
So with the warm weather I got out for a few good rides. Saturday I hit my first group ride of the year and racked up some miles. As soon as I got home I got busy cleaning the cars. It felt pretty good to get all of the salt off both inside and out.

Of course messy bikes come with the territory this time of the year and a daily bike wash was the norm. Bill and I broke out the fenders to at least keep my butt dry. I did'nt care how wet I got, it was warm and I was only dressed in one layer for a change. Of course the weather is going to change tomorrow so everything will get all messy again. Oh well, we are slowly rolling into spring!

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