Monday, February 14, 2011

Austin on Podium Insight, Valentines, and Rides

Our new recruit on the Mercy Team, Austin Vinton was invited to the Jelly Belly Team training camp last week. Lyne from Podium Insight did a little interview with Brad Huff and Austin as to why he was invited to camp how he felt things were going. Pretty exciting stuff, spending a week with a Pro Cycing team when you are just beginning your career. Now it's our job as a team to help him progress to a level where he can make the jump to the pro level in a few years.
Valentines day morning! Muffins and milk in the morning and then it was time to get ready for the parties at school.
Last week I got a call from the school nurse that JoBro had hurt his ankle at school. The kicker was that she said I had to pick him up? It was bad enough that he couldn't walk so off to the doctor we went. In the end it was determined that he had rolled his foot and he just needed to let it rest. He thought it would be pretty cool to have crutches but that wore off after a few days. Today was his first day off the crutches and he is still limping a bit but he should be fine in a few days.

The Saturday ride ride was pretty good as the weather continues to warm up. We got caught at the tracks by not just one train but two! Nice ride with a good group. We rolled a nice, fast pace line for most of the ride before a ripping fast run into town.

Sunday the ride started off  pretty weird. First it started off by the location for the group ride changed and I didn't notice in the e-mail. A quick phone call and I was off in a sprint to meet the group at the new location. Here's where the fun began. I ran into another group of riders heading out in the same direction. Without going into details I'll just say that I saw more than a few of the riders run red lights. On top of that there were so many dangerous moves that I just wanted to get as far away from those people as possible. No wonder this group of riders has been issued tickets by the Prairie Village police on their Thursday night ride. It's a bummer to witness riders like this. It's no wonder that motorists hate cyclists in that area of town.

Our ride on the other hand was really good. The group split up pretty early but I think both groups ended up going the pace they wanted. At this point I've got some pretty wasted legs after 2 days of fast rides. Now for a few days off and them more of the same.

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