Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Nite Worlds KC

First of all I've got to say that the weather in KC has really sucked this spring! Cold and wet has been the norm and I've yet to wear a short sleeve jersey at Tuesday worlds. I guess I could be worse for the Tuesday race, at least it was dry. It would of been really cold if it rained during the race.

This weeks edition was once again cold but a little better than last week. I knew that Joe and Adam were going to roll over from Lawrence so I figured I would ride out and meet them at some point and ride back. Left work a little early so I could get my interval sets done before I met the guys and I was a little surprised to Steve, Brian, and Bill, from the Tradewind Energy Team with them. Now this isn't a bad thing, it's actually a good thing, as those boys are strong and it was going to make the race much harder. 

Got to the race and found a much larger group for the race than in the past few weeks. The first few lap were kind of slow but the attacks started and then it was game on for the rest of the race. The attacks were non stop but with so little wind it didn't look like anything was going to stick. Even a late attack from Steve and Bill got reeled in with 2 to go. At that point it was up to Mercy crew to set up a lead out for  Shadd to try to win the race from a field sprint. We did manage to get most of our guys up to the front but at that point most of us were pretty fried. In the sprint it looked like Joe may have nipped Shadd at the line but it was hard to tell from where I was sitting. Overall it was a good race, 27 mph average and pretty smooth as well. Fun, fun, fun.......

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