Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time to get started

I guess it's time to get back on the bike. Today the kids went back to school after their winter break so I have time to ride. I was pretty fired up to ride when I got up and then I walked Curly to school, jeez, it's pretty cold out there. Now I'm going to wait a bit for it to warm up. Weird how the motivation comes and goes when you don't have a plan for the day. Oh well, I've got some pictures from last weekends race. It was super nice out so the boys and I went out to watch since Mathgeek had to work.

This picture is from last weekends race in Chicago. This was a UCI race and once again it looks like the promoters didn't get enough power washers for the pits. There is nothing more important than power washers for muddy races. It's incredibly frustrating and stressful for the mechanics to have to wait forever to wash the bikes.

Kelly in Chicago, the team wasn't there so thanks goes out to SRAM and Jose for helping her out.

My attempt of a kind of artsy photo of Shadd.

Bill on a downhill off camber.

Josh making up time from a poor start, pretty much went from last to 3rd. JoBro in the background taking pictures.

Definitely windy out at the races. JoBro and Curly doing their best Titanic poses in the wind.

So this week is Cross Nationals in Madison, WI. It's a little tougher than I thought missing the race this year but that's the way it goes. Kind of on the fence about going to Louisville to watch worlds. Another opportunity popped up that looks more appealing so I may spend my money on that instead.
Good luck to the folks heading off to Madison for Nationals!

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