Friday, April 27, 2012

Joe Martin Stage Race, Stage 1

Hanging out this morning at the hotel waiting to head out to Stage 2 of the race. Yesterday's Stage 1 Uphill Time Trial was both good and bad for our crew. The results were not as good as they were last year but we still have 4 guys in the top 25 and all are within a minute of the leader. I really don't know why I have such a difficult time with the TT but I just can't seem to get it right. I suppose part of the problem is just that I really have no chance of placing well and my job on the team is to help our best placed riders. Kinda keeps you from going too hard so you have a little more energy for today's stage.

Speaking of today's stage, 110 miles with plenty of climbing thrown in. I'm hoping our young guns can ride well and be in the front when we hit the grind up Mt Gaylor. For me it's just a game of survival mixed in with riding at the front and making sure nothing gets away without one of our guys.

On a side note, the bummer of the day was Tradewind Energy's Steve Tilford going down while warming up for the TT and suffering a badly separated shoulder. I'm not sure what happened but wish Steve a speedy recovery.

As usual Mercy Hospital is treating us right. A posh hotel in Ft. Smith and meals at the hospital.

Yesterday's setup. Probably go for Bontrager XXX lite wheels today to save a little weight. I'll need all the help I can get.

Nick pinning up his number.

Nice day for a TT.

Ok, time to head oout and get loaded up, more after today's stage.

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