Sunday, July 22, 2012

Actual photographic proof that I tried to race my MTB, as I said, I tried. Made a last minute decision to head out to the race Saturday morning and then paid the price for not being prepared. I guess you can't pull the bike off the hook in the garage and race it after 3 months of inactivity. Oh well, a cut sidewall and a dried up stans sealalnt will end your day everytime.

In the end it really ended up to be a pretty good day, Mathgeek and Curly came with me and we got to check out Wyandotte County Lake Park. It's a really cool park with good roads and trails. There is a big lake and and I'm glad they had the race there. The Colivita guys did a great job designing the course and it would of been fun to go the distance in the race.

A big bummer with having to pull out of the race is that I still had to complete my workout. By time we got done with our errands it was 1pm and hot out. Got it done and today was more of the same. On the ride today I pretty much planned my 4 hr ride around places I knew I could get water every 10-15 miles. In the end I had 8 bottle refills and 2 Gatorades, and a coke on todays ride. All I know is that it's not getting any cooler and Polar Insulated Bottles are a godsend.

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