Monday, August 13, 2012

Missouri State Championship Criterium

Yesterday we made a quick trip to Springfield, MO for the Missouri State Championship Criterium. Bill from the Tradewind Team, and Adam and I from Mercy jumped in the van for a quick dash to the race. Since Adam and I both live in Kansas this was going to be a 3 man effort to get the State Championship Jersey for Austin.

Going into the race I just was not very excited to race. I felt terrible on the bike all week. It just felt like I never recovered from the races in Chicago prior weekend. But what the heck, the race was close and we needed to go and support Austin. When we got there we signed up and found out that there were 50 or so  Pro 1-2 riders signed up. Pretty good turnout for a smaller race but it was going to make our job much tougher.

The race started and for the first 15 minutes the Gateway Harley Davidson team drilled it on the front of the field keeping the pace high. As soon as it slowed there were numerous attacks until there was a huge split in the field. For most of the race the gap between the break and the field stayed the same. We had Austin in the group but there were way too many people with him to hope for the win. Then all the sudden the break started coming back. A lap later it was back but right away counter attacks started and Austin got away to three other riders. This was perfect, Adam and I worked the front of the field a bit and Austin pulled off a great sprint to win.

Overall it was a great team effort in the race. On top of the win Adam picked up a $50.00 prime due to a good sprint and some art full blocking from Austin and I. Pretty fun when you get results when the team is out numbered by every other team in the race.

Austin crossing the line for the win!

Hanging out on the front row at the start.

Bill and Kent from Tradewind at the front of the field.

I found this picture of Emily from the TREK Stores Womens Team showing off her Gold Medal.

Then there is this......Austin did the state TT on his old Masi. Clip on aero bars, a packing tape disc wheel, and a old ill fitting aero helmet. I heard he got 2nd, yup, at 20 yrs old the kid has a motor.

I just like this shop of bike racing around the Missouri State Capitol.

Next week it's up to Omaha for another Criterium.

Sorry if I used your picture with out a credit, I can't remember where I got them other than Flannery Allison.

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