Tuesday, October 9, 2012

360 Cup

What a crazy time its been since Gateway Cross Cup. The shop was super busy, and I was just fried from all the travel. Just like last year Mathgeek had the end of quarter starting that Friday so I was a single dad for the for the next week. I was all set to head up to Boss Cross but in the end it was best that I skipped the race. The following week the shop was super busy and my training sucked. Going into the 360 cup weekend I was a little worried about my fitness but I was really more interested in how JoBro was going to do in his first cross race of the year. Big changes for him this year. He grew a ton since last season so a new bike was in order. New shoes since his feet are now bigger than mine, and a switch from Shimano to SRAM. He got on his bike and didn't know how to shift it. To say I was a little distracted with him racing would be an understatement but I really didn't mind.

The crew from 360 Racing did a great job with their race. Quick, easy registration, a great course, and the one and only John Lefler announcing. Pro all the way. I did the 40+/50+ race since I had family in town for the weekend and oddly enough it went well. I'm still working through a gearing change from last year and I think I finally have it figured out. I ended up winning and felt pretty good in the process so that's a good sign for this weeks USGP races.

After my race JoBro went and even after a number of crashes he finished 3rd in his race. He had a great time and is ready to race again.

Helmets on for safety! Hats off to Steve and Andy for finishing 2nd and 3rd after working all day putting on the race.

Kind of wondered what Katie was riding since we have 2 of her bikes in KC.

The Nebraska boys continue to pick up podium spots.
JoBro in action. I still can't get over how big he looks on the bike. Shouldn't surprise me, he can wear my clothes now. Jup, that's my kit hes racing in.

Jobro is wondering how long it's going to take for him to get as fast as Christopher.
Just about time to head out for Ft. Collins for round 3-4 of the USGP of Cyclocross. Hoping for some mud to equalize to altitude advantage the Colorado boys have.

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