Friday, December 7, 2012

Traveling to Bend OR

Traveling to races can sometimes be a pain but usually I'm so amped to race that I have to remember to calm down just to make sure I don't get a ticket getting there. But this trip is a little different. In the past my trips to Bend have been a 30 hr straight through slog that totally drained the life out of me. So this year we went the opposite route and did the drive in two days. There is no doubt the easy pace of the two day drive is much more relaxing and today I'm sitting here totally fresh and ready to go. So today we are waiting for some of the other CXC riders to show up at the house and then it's off to the course to set up the Trek compound and pre-ride the course.

Um, yea, Mark's not texting......somewhere in Utah.

Somewhere in Idaho, pretty much looks like Utah

Got to the house just at sunset, pretty sweet place on top of the mountain.

The 2 hour time difference is wreaking havoc on our bodies. up at 4 every day!
Time to get rolling and get ready to head to the course.

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