Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years

Started out thinking this post was going to be a long one but I don't think I want to rehash 2012. I'll just say that it was a good year. The family had a great year and everybody is healthy and happy. I had a great year of bicycle racing with the Mercy crew on the road and the Trek Cyclocross Collective this fall. Pretty amazed that I continue to perform better every year even as I get older. Have to say thanks to my coach Adam at Source Endurance, it just doesn't happen without his guidance.Also have to say thanks to Jay, Kent, Scott and the whole crew at the TREK Bicycle Stores for the support and equipment. Of course none of this happens without the understanding of Mathgeek and the boys. Bicycle racing is a time consuming expensive sport and they let me follow my dreams.

The racing in 2013 starts off early with the National Cyclocross Championships in January and then Masters World Cyclocross Championships in February.

Even Champions fall now and again. Makes me feel better about the race last Saturday. I was definitely off my game and even raced on the wrong tires. I was struggling during the race but after falling 6 times I decided to call it a day. I have figured out that the reason that I was struggling is a hip injury that is killing my power on the bike. Bummer, only 1 week to get it fixed before Nationals.
Fun times at Christmas. I'm not much of a holiday guy but Mathgeek and the boys love it.
On to 2013, best wishes to all for a Happy New Year!

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