Sunday, February 23, 2014

Time really flies when your not on any type of training plan. It seems like yesterday that I was out in Boulder for Cross Nationals but it was really over a month ago. Between Nationals and now the weathers been a little rough, super cold with a fair amount of snow. Not that it mattered to me. I'm still not cleared to ride outside so I've been driving the van everywhere. Two more weeks until I see the Doc and see how the bones are looking. The last visit the breaks in the ankle bones were looking pretty good, the tibia, not so good. It's healing but it's a long slow process due to the location of the break and how it was broken. Until then I'll keep riding the trainer and trying to get more strength back.

In the past month I've been checking out how spring training camps have become the big thing for amature teams. I can see how it would work for the Pro's and some elite amature teams but for most of us it's more like having fun riding with your buddies at a cool location. Right about now I'd love to go just about anywhere that's warm.

The Velotek guys did a camp in Arkansas
Sven on the Boone

Tons of Pro's go to Arizona
Katie finishing off her season in Japan.

Eli got the chance to go to the Kansas State Capitol on be a legislative page for a day. Cool experience for the kids.

Had the joy to hang with Eli's 6th grade Valentines Day party. Since it's their last year in elementary school they got to have it in a bowling alley!

Love this video, so funny!

Well, Cyclocross season is officially over. Supercross, NHRA, and Nascar seasons have all started so at least I have something to watch while the weather is crappy. Now to get my legs back so I can do a little mtb/road racing this summer.

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