Thursday, June 18, 2015

 It's been a while since I've posted but I've been lacking in material so what can I say. The road season has been a bust so I took a little time off before prep for the cross season starts. I'm finishing up my break from riding by wrenching for the @ElevateCycling Team at the North Star Grand Prix. Yesterday was Day 1, a double stage day with a TT in the morning and a criterium in the evening. It was a long day with a 6am wake up call, race and go back to the house. Then the Criterium start time was 7:45,  so we had to reload, reset, and race. After the race we had to find some food, finally arriving back home at the host house around 11pm. Overall it was a good day as the guys all rode well and we came home with skin and bikes intact.

Today is the Cannon Falls Road Race. 95 hilly miles for the guys and 3 hours or so for me riding in the caravan. If you've watched the Tour deFrance you've seen the race caravan. For the mechanic it can be hours of boredom rolling down the road at 25-30 mph, followed by 30 second of chaos when your car gets a call over race radio. Hopefully we won't have much action but who knows, I'll let you know tomorrow. Gotta go now. Time to look over the bikes and prep bottles for today's stage.
Sweet service course at our host house

Pre-race TT Meeting

Hanging with Roy

Heath and Gus discussing strategy for the criterium.

Pre-race team meeting

Post race meeting, need food!

Time to get to work!

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