Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anywhere but here!

WOW! Look at those pasty white Legs!
Yeah, I know. As the title and picture state, I'd rather be racing cross than looking out the window at a 20 degree day in February. Why is it that I can get up for a race when it's freezing but you can't drag me outside to ride when it's below 32 degrees. Now maybe it's because it was 70 just a week ago and I went riding in shorts!

I also made it out for an attempted ride to Leavenworth. My usual route takes me past Wyandotte Co Lake but I soon found out that they don't even plow the roads around the lake. Makes sense, it's so hilly I'm sure that would spend tons of time pulling cars out of the trees. I did take some pictures of the climb up to the entrance to the park.

Yep, and it keeps on going. It's just a warm-up to the lap around the lake. Oh well, maybe in a week or two.

For now it's back to home life, the new car has been bought, the Pinewood Derby cars are all most done, and both kids should be healthy in a day or so. Heck I may even get to ride.

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