Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Then again, maybe not!

Just when I thought I would have some time to ride...........I get an e-mail about SRAM school. Oh well, you can't lose fitness when you don't have it to begin with. On a related note, I just saw that ASO isn't going to let Astana ride any of their races. What a bummer for that whole crew. It will be interesting to see how that whole situation turns out.

"Amaury Sport Organization, the company that owns the Tour de France announced Wednesday that the Astana team of defending champion Alberto Contador will not be invited to compete in that race or in any other event it organizes in 2008.
In a statement citing "the damage caused by this team to the Tour de France and cycling in general, as much in 2006 as 2007," ASO noted it would be inappropriate to allow the team to compete despite a complete shake-up of team management and significant changes on the squad’s roster.
With Contador and American Levi Leipheimer on Astana, the team includes two podium finishers from last year’s Tour. Also affected is Germany's Andreas Klöden. All three men were widely viewed as race favorites. "

For me I'm more into following the Slipstream crew but I'll allways cheer for Levi and Horner.
Hmmmmmmmm....this picture just makes me feel warm.

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