Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Long Ride of tjhe Spring!

The stars were finally properly aligned, no snow, rain, or crazy cold weather. So Scott, Bill, and I finally got out and got in a long ride. First the plan was to go South but a am weather check found the wind to be out of the north. Now that's not good as a north wind is a cold wind. Overall it wasn't too bad, it was 48 degrees with a brisk north wind. We rode up to Leavenworth and stopped by the pen to see if we could see Michael Vick and get his autograph. The gate was open but I couldn't get Scott or Bill to go inside. They kept saying something about the gate closing and getting stuck inside all dressed up in lycra.

The ride itself was painfull at best. I ended up cramping and riding painfully slow just to get back into town. At least Scott and Bill were riding well so we survived. 80 hilly miles in 5 hours had me completely crushed. Oh well....I just need to keep doing a few more of these rides and I should be ok.

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