Sunday, February 24, 2008

STU part 2

Well............I'm back and not a day too soon. I told Sean that this was the first time that I couldn't wait to leave Colorado. Usually I'm super bummed to be heading back to the flatlands but after being sick all week it was time to leave. I took a few pictures with my phone since I left my camera at home so I'll have to post them up.
I wish I took a better one of a Team Fisher poster starring Cam. I bet he didn't know he was up on the Sram hall of fame. My other fav picture is the shot of Pikes Peak from outside our hotel window. Just a bit frustrating to be so close to the mountains and not be able to ride. Not that I could ride since I ended up bringing the wrong shoes to go with the bike! Never decide to switch bike at the last minute after you packed your clothes the night before.

School itself was awsome and totally worth the time spent. I may not be super fast at overhauling forks but I have no problem digging right in. Speed will come the more we work on the forks.

Now it's time to pry the Wii controller out of Jonas's hands. Nancy's gone for the weekend and since I'm still sick I've been too lazy to get out of the house.


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