Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is it Spring Yet?

Man it was cold last night for the crit. Just look at Scott! Man was I unmotivated to race last night. I guess the cold, rain , and too much going on last night with the family had me at the end of my rope. Cam and Shadd were rippin it up as usual. I was close but again just not close enough to make the break. Oh well, maybe next week.
Pretty confusing finish this week with the break lapping the field at the end. If you were paying attention the field ended up doing an extra lap. Bill and I knew and went with Shadd and Cam when they went around the field. If we went by the rule book the placings would of been different but we will use the final lap raced for points.

Tuesday KC Crit Results 4/8/08
1. Shadd Smith
2. Cameron Chambers
3. David Hedjuk
4. Graham Aldrich
5. Kurt Mulebach

Tuesday KC Crit Overall as of 4/8/08
1. Shadd Smith 19
2. Adam Mills 9
3. Cam Chambers 7
4. David Hedjuk 6
5. Graham Aldrich 5
6. Bill Marshall 4
7. Tom Price 3
8. Joe Smaltz 2
9. Mike Pallito 1
10 Kurt Mulebach 1

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