Sunday, April 6, 2008

The debate over when to ride ended early when I got up at 6am to find that it looked like rain was in the forcast. A quick Sunday paper read and some chow and I was out the door and headed to Minor park. Got out there and did a few laps on the east side before I ran into Andy, Josh, and a 2 other guys. (I know, I should know names but I can barely remember my kids names)

Andy and I were flying down the singletrack when a branch sticking halfway out into the trail took his front wheel out. He went down super hard, but got up and rode the rest of the way out. Glad he wasn't hurt, I really didn'think he was going to get up.

Anyway, as you can see from the above picture I flatted again. And yes, that's a tubeless tire with a big enough cut in it that it won't seal. Below you will find the offending creek bed that cut the tire. So not only do I have to deal with goop in the tire, I have mud and slime on the outside of the tire as well. Got a tube in and went to put the wheel back on, and knocked the brake pads out of the caliper. Yep...this whole fiasco could of won a video award. In any case I finally got it together and wobbled my way to the soccer fields just in time to see the start of Jonas's game. Oh yea, I rained while I was riding to the game.
Sure was nice working in the yard this afternoon.

Oh well....some days you get it right, some days you don't!


Cameron C. said...

think how our productivity at work will go up because we do not need to talk to each other thanks to our blogs. You have been tagged, go to me page for instructions

Anonymous said...

you sure are unlucky - I have not flatted for at least 9 months! Now watch, I will probably flat tomorrow. Cool blog by the way!!

Anonymous said...

There's a great shot of some blue footed boobies on CVO's site that you need to show that curly haired soccer star.